Yehuda Cohn

Dr. Yehudah Cohn completed a D.Phil. in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford in 2007, and also has an MA from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Originally from London, Dr. Cohn had a career as a commodities trader in New York prior to beginning doctoral research. His dissertation was transformed into a book, for Brown University’s Judaic Studies series, and was published by the Society for Biblical Literature in 2008 under the title Tangled Up in Text: Tefillin and the Ancient World. More recently he co-authored a Handbook of Jewish Literature from Late Antiquity (135-700 CE) together with Fergus Millar and Eyal Ben-Eliyahu, published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press in 2012. He is currently a research associate at New York University’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.


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