More people study the Talmud on a daily basis than any other Jewish text. It is the central repository of rabbinic thought that informs Jewish life and practice. Building on the successful model of TheTorah.com, TheGemara.com publishes accessible academic scholarship on the Talmud.

We solicit original essays that are reviewed and edited by our in-house scholars, to ensure the highest academic standards as well as maximum readability for the general audience.


Torah is the foundation, but the Gemara shapes Judaism.


TheGemara.com is a website of Project TABS (Torah and Biblical Scholarship), a nonprofit 501(c)3 educational enterprise founded in 2012 to provide accessible academic scholarship of Judaism’s sacred texts. The project also publishes TheTorah.com and TheTorah.co.il.

We believe that academic scholarship both enriches and deepens our engagement with Jewish texts, and that it fosters a more open and moderate society.

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